• Act dining corporation
  • CEO
  • Biography
  • DOB: 03/24/1984

    Graduated from Shonan Institute of Technology High School

    Dropped out Japan University without completing a credit.
    Moved to Okinawa to start career in food business.
    Started working as a chef at the Japanese tapas style restaurant.
    Moved back to Kanagawa and experienced hardships as a chef at sushi and Japanese style fresh fish tapas restaurant.
    Started kitchen car business with Izutsu when I was 23 years old. Invested 600,000 yen to start business.
    After experiencing 2 years of management as a sole proprietorship, started corporation when I was 25 years old.

People centered company

We launched kitchen car business by investing 60,000 yen with Izutsu, the present sub representative, as a sole proprietor since 2007.
Our goal was to start a restaurant in three years. In order to achieve this goal, Kitchen car was the first step to be ready financially.
At that time, we only had 600,000 yen which was invested to buy and renovate a small kitchen car. It was a tiny and messy kitchen car but yet it was a romance car with many dreams!
I graduated typical high school, yet I dropped out of the college and didn’t have many experiences with management. However, we successfully were able to create the founds for opening restaurant by the support from various individuals.

If you play sincerely, it’s going to be your job.
Dreams exist to be achieved.


We established a company in 2009 and opened first restaurant in Ebis area, Tokyo called, “BarDebis” in 2010.
Our dream to have a sole restaurant with present sub representative got bigger, and we thought that we could expand business of having more restaurants with those who have the same vision.
That’s the beginning of “ACT DINING”.
We are working hard every day to expand business all over the world.


Employee = Family

One of the important concepts when I think about management is the that employees are equal to the family.
We want to establish an environment where individual employee can express their ability. We all are working hard to change an environment at work for the better.
We believe in a Japanese good old management style which all employees are part of the family.
And we think we want to make everybody from all over the world smile through food business with enjoyable co-workers.
My dream is to make and company where employees would enjoy working and feel happy.
We don’t know what’s waiting ahead of us, we always keep a clear goal in our mind, never lose ourselves, appreciate happiness from different views, and enjoy growing.